M: 599-659 The subject of the M paintings, like N and O paintings, is the translation of numbers into color dots. The squares each represent a natural number, going across from the upper left hand corner, 1, to the lower right hand corner, 360. For each number, a screen of small colored dots were laid down, a layer for each of the number's prime factors. Each prime number has it's own color based on a circular algorithym. Each successive screen layer is rotated similar to 4-color process printing. Example: 24, in the upper right hand corner, prime factors are 2,2,2,3; three layers of orange for each 2 topped by a layer of purple for 3. In the M paintings the lower primes are on the bottom, in the Nand O paintings, the lower primes are on top. The first page is a translation of the successive sixty pages with the numbers represented by colored rectangles. The white spiral is from the golden mean, the sixty paintings form a golden rectangle.